About Elizabeth

A 20-something-year-old who is enthusiastic about video games, great stories, animals, nature and comedy.

Feeling like just “another brick in the wall” as an overeducated and unemployed university graduate, she gave birth to simplinspiration. It is her creation, just as a child is a product of their parents. She hopes that she can share her perspective on things– her writing, her stories, her journey on simplifying life and chasing dreams. Most of all, she wants her words to resonate.

She also occasionally enjoys talking about herself in the third-person narrative and using strikethrough.


20 thoughts on “About Elizabeth

  1. Hello Elizabeth. Nice to be here. I would love to read the post you published on the art of giving. Would you please, send me the link. I’ll appreciate it. I like your ‘about page’. You refer to yourself in the third person. That is very original. I admire people who do things in creative ways not just how they have been done in the past or how others are doing them. Would you mind giving me your full names in case I find something you have written that I like to quote on my page ‘Great quotable quotes by contemporary writers.’ Many many thanks.


    1. You’re most welcome, although I would also like to thank you for liking the story. Although it’s a work of fiction on my part, I don’t see it far from the truth. I’ll get back to writing soon.


      1. Eeewww! That sounds evil. Did it actually escape? I hope you are much more… together. Now I feel mean I virtually shouted in my Mother in laws voice, and I know thats scary.


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