Poetry Jam: Dirty Laundry


The rain pelts down.

My heart stops.

Did I leave the washing out?

Scrambling quickly, I

trip over the doorstep and into

the mud.

There I start laughing – my hair drenched, my backside sore.

Oh well. 

At least the clothes are clean.


Poetry Jam: Beware of square eyes

Beware of squareitis,
your eyes will turn wild.
They’ll turn into cubes
when the case isn’t mild.

How do you stop squareitis, you say?
Stop playing games and watching TV all day.
But what do you do when your eyes are cubes?
I don’t know, but here are two tubes.

P.S. Unfortunately, I think I overspent on my eyes too. Jeepers. Remember to rest your eyes, people.

Poetry Jam: Just sayin’

You know, I don’t really get why people say something like:
“I know you like her, but she’s really not my cup of tea… just sayin’.”
Because if you were really just saying something,
You would just say it.
Saying ‘just sayin’ doesn’t lighten the load of it,
Nor does it add anything real.

Just sayin’.

Poetry Jam: Dearest Mother

Sorry if this comes a little too late.

Although I may complain that you do not do enough for me
and that your tiredness is an excuse because you do not love me

Blame this forgetful child who you bore for 9 months in your body,
Cradled in your arms when she could not walk.
For the fingers that would wipe her tears away,
Adorned them, she has not.

Trying to make up for years, in which I have melted your youth
in a few days every year, is a debt I cannot repay.

Hopefully you won’t think any less of me for it.

Poetry Jam: St. Patrick’s Day

Image Credit: Charles Rondeau at publicdomainpictures.net

Pick a four-leafed clover,
Win a pot of gold!
Just ride over the rainbow,
Get off at the terminal.

There you will find a shorter-than-average fellow.
Some call him a leprechaun, but I just say,
“Top of the morning to you, friend!”
He seems to like that.

What do you mean he wasn’t there?
You did bring the clover didn’t you?
Oh well! Shamrock!
Bring me some more Irish cream and
You’re lucky you didn’t forget the potatoes.

P.S. May you all find your pot of gold and ride the rainbow… at least once. 

Poetry Jam: Remind Me to Visit You

It’s been weeks, perhaps months now.
Please ask me to come by!
Why don’t you remind me of the times that I’d stop by,
Bewildered by the drawings and scribblings on your walls—
The words that would ignite past events, a chuckle or watery eyes?

Have you met anyone new that you think I should meet?
Do their words spark something inside you too?
Allow me to pay them a visit.

Or ask them to stop by here. Whatever works best.

Anyway, I’ll stop by again soon.

P.S. Okay, so not really a real poetry jam jam. But! Free for all to share anything you want with me— reblogs, original posts, thoughts… or even the story of the time that you plain out forgot to do your homework and blamed the dog.

Poetry Jam: Valentine’s Day

Image courtesy of Clare Bloomfield at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

I give you a card,
but it doesn’t mean I love you.

I give you some chocolates,
I hope you like them.
Don’t get me wrong though,
It doesn’t mean I love you.

I give you some flowers,
I hope you like them too.
They’re pretty like you,
but they don’t mean I love you.

I give you a ring,
It means I love you.
I hope you love me too.

Image courtesy of Clare Bloomfield at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

P.S. Happy Valentine’s Day.

Poetry Jam: Asterisks


They call this *, an asterisk.
But it looks more like a star.
A star that fell from the night
And landed on a piece of paper.

Someone must have seen and said:
“I could use this—it ain’t half bad!”
* here, * there.
*** means time has passed.


Or maybe they just got tired of writing.