Poetry Jam: Beware of square eyes

Beware of squareitis,
your eyes will turn wild.
They’ll turn into cubes
when the case isn’t mild.

How do you stop squareitis, you say?
Stop playing games and watching TV all day.
But what do you do when your eyes are cubes?
I don’t know, but here are two tubes.

P.S. Unfortunately, I think I overspent on my eyes too. Jeepers. Remember to rest your eyes, people.



Image credit: http://marcelnunis.com/

I can see why some people call credit cards the devil’s advocate now. I’m totally overspent this month and unintentionally too. That’s the price we pay for credit and convenience. Just whip out your piece of plastic and don’t have to think about things for another month. Then boom. Pay this now or choose to pay $10 and build yourself a nice house of debt.

No thanks.

I didn’t really sign up for consumer debt. I’m doing absolutely no one any favors by getting myself into debt. Especially high interest debt.

Even the most well-intentioned person can get off track simply by seeing something that makes their. Remember when I stuck to cash for pretty much everything? Those were the days. Cumbersome change may be, but that’s the whole point. Fumbling around with small loose coins really makes you think, is it worth it?

With more power comes greater responsibility. With more money comes greater spending. Sometimes things were a lot easier when I didn’t have a lot of money. Things that were totally out of my reach, I wouldn’t think twice about. Now there are so many things just within my reach and there’s a piece of plastic just lying there. It’s too easy to just say yes.

I’m especially bad when it comes to online spending. Click, click and click. Done. It also doesn’t help when you’re particularly good at remembering numerical sequences, so a card iceblock is totally out of the question.

Now economics is based heavily on theory. “If we assume that humans are rational beings— wait, no we can’t!” said one of my former statistics lecturers. And that’s the truth. No matter how rational anyone is, there will be something they have a weakness for— be it cosmetics, the newest game or even just puppies. Yes, puppies.

So in order to counteract the whole overspending bit, it means some scrimping and saving must be done for the next month. I overspent on my next month’s personal allowance as well and that’s bad. I’ve never really done that before. Obviously I’ve never been given a few extra grand as a credit limit increase, either. So you can see the psychology at work: you can now buy the things you’ve always wanted. Now I didn’t go buying a jet plane or anything like that, but things have a way of stacking up. It also only takes one big purchase to blow up your balance.

But I suppose the only way to progress from here is admit that I overspent and to leave my card at home. I know I said I was going to treat plastic like cash, but they’re clearly different. It would probably be best if I just went back to the basics – cold, hard cash.

Yeoowch. Credit card burn.

When an explorer has ‘the meh’…

And this is why everyone should have a meh moment.

Caits World

Bloggers-block, having no inspiration, real-life distractions or just a simple and utter case of  ‘the meh’…I think everyone who has a blog, knows all those feelings.

I, too, experience it every now and then. And it is not because I cannot find places to explore, pics to take and what not…no no, I am doing all that, but simply: cannot get myself to sit and craft a proper blogpost.
When I was new to blogging and the first times this happened to me, I was upset…worried and got anxious. As in : ‘zOMG, I have not blogged in three days…I will lose readers, people may think I stopped blogging!’

Kiana's 8th rezday party - Bokeh Fireworks! Danced all night at my friend Kiana’s 8th rezz-day party

After some years of blogging, in both real life and second life, I have come to terms with the occasional ‘meh’. It happens. It is okay. Nobody or their mesh-pets…

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Growing Up, Gratitude and the Griefer’s Game

A real shame, really. OM was actually my first follower who got me even more followers and here I am. And all I can say is thank you. I’m glad to have gotten through to OM’s meet and greets and his posts were always amusing.

The Oddity Writer

Yesterday, the final nail was placed in a metaphorical coffin, when influential blogger Jason Cushman left the blogging scene.

Harsh Reality January 3, 2013- April 2015 Harsh Reality
January 3, 2013- May2015 A few days before hand, Jason (better known as Opinionated Man or OM)had closed his site to the public, changed his privacy settings so that only he would be able to access his site. This was done, according to Linda G Hill‘s email from OM himself, so that he could eventually delete the website.

And this is where I break off my journalistic tone and I just speak withmy own voice now. Because I’ve fulfilled my duty, I’ve told you all the facts. But I haven’t finished saying my piece yet.

Where to begin? I guess I would thank OM- no, Mr. Cushman, since he’s older than I am, he deserves that respect- for everything he’s done for all of his followers. He would…

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Derailed: Getting Back on Track

Now I know I’ve been missing out on the joys and wonders of WordPress, but at the same time I’ve been trying not to flub up too much at work and you know, keeping my job. That being said, I’ve learnt a tonne of stuff that I would have otherwise not learnt had I not made those mistakes. I’ve also been brought back down a little to Earth by people that don’t care.

Should you care about this post? Well no, actually.

The thing about caring is that it’s a response. Sure, you can feign caring but in the end, you’re just pretending to care. The only time that you will care is when something strikes a nerve and affects you on some personal level. Though there are plenty of things I care about, there are a myriad of things that I don’t lose sleep over. I’d honestly (and am) more offended by people who pretend to give a crap about something that they don’t give a crap about. It reminds me of a time when I was watching TV, and a lady said, “I would happily give everything I own so that someone can live better.” Pfft. Just do it already, woman. I see you hiding behind your sunglasses.

I almost wasn’t going to write this post – not because of the fear of contention, but because of procrastination. You see, I can drum out a post pretty easily and quickly by pen or keyboard but at the same time, I enjoy shortcuts (learnt the hard way that cutting corners is not a good idea at work) and being lazy, Yes, there I said it. I admit that I can be rather slothful at times. At the same time, I can be a real perfectionist (or at least very obsessive-compulsive) when it comes to certain things – like getting all the extras in a video game. Sometimes I do wish that I could be that way with other things, but then I remember that if I cared enough to start it, I’ll finish it. Always.

I remember that one time I said that I don’t actually care for most news. The reason is that most journalism goes into shock stories that aim to sell. Other times soft news (which isn’t really news at all, in my opinion) about some girl twerking onstage and scaring the living daylights out of most parents fills the screen. You’ll probably be much happier not caring so much about things that are really, apropos of nothing.

You can’t care about everything. And it doesn’t do you any good to. Remember, just like sex (Statement, Example, eXplantion), quality over quantity always wins the day. I’m not saying that you should care about nothing. I’m saying you’ll care when you care. There’s no point of me harking on about something that doesn’t personally affect you, your friends your family or anyone that you personally know. If it’s so far removed from your situation, why would you?

Now actually, I have no idea what that whole thing was about, but it’s not like you should actually care. Just trying to get back into the rhythm of blogging. I don’t even know if I’m pretending to care or not. Bah, humbug.