I Don’t Have a Good Reason


I’d like to apologize for being away and neglecting my blog, but I actually just don’t have a good reason or even excuse to back up why I was gone for so long. I didn’t go overseas and I wasn’t so terribly ill that I couldn’t type. Sure, I had a cold and a few appointments here and there. I watched the summer intern that I helped trained go back to university. Went through a bunch of interviews and a manager who only lasted a month. But so what? That’s not an excuse for not writing.

But what about offline? I’ve only just gotten back into the hang of writing into an actual book. I haven’t been working on any offline writing projects, yet I know the story is in my head. It’s not like you would just forget about the characters that you’ve painstakingly been holding in your mind, after all. In fact, I do still write, but you just don’t see it. I write in indelible ink that doesn’t touch paper.

“The best time for planning a book is while you’re doing the dishes. ”
― Agatha Christie

The thing is, I write in my sleep. Agatha Christie wrote her books while she washed the dishes, and I do my writing in my dreams. And if you think I’m crazy, then you’re probably right.

That being said, there was something that I did before I unwittingly decided not to return for awhile. This story –  a fiction piece that I had in my mind for sometime but only had just put down to paper had resonated with someone. That person is Nancy J. Walker. Although that story may be fiction, her’s is linked too. Of course, life is always more painful and stranger than fiction. Now I believe everyone has a story to tell but there are just some stories that are more compelling and worth the read. And as writers, we all should read a bit more. As people, I think we should all read a lot more. Reading is akin to listening to someone’s tale and from that you learn, taking in perspectives you never knew.

Remember, I don’t really get any monetary gain from doing anything like this. It’s true, I may get a new follower or two but if you’ve followed me for this long, you’ll know my follower count isn’t very high. It’s never been my prime goal to have a huge number. It’s more important that my pieces stir something inside you. That being said, I’m still intent on growing my reader list but I’d rather they be people that hang around for the long run and actually read and engage with the pieces I produce. If you don’t feel anything from reading any of my pieces now, it’s unlikely that you’ll turn around one day and follow me. That’s fine.

If you got this far, then thanks for coming back. And if you’re new, welcome. I’m not promising anything, but I am going to write more. You’re probably going to see the return of Poetry Jam and more 100-Word Stories. Okay, so maybe that is kind of a promise. But I don’t know, seems silly to apologize for that too.


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