I Admit That I Have Commitment Issues

No I didn’t die over the last couple of weeks (although at times it felt that way).

I just have trouble sticking to routine and keeping things in check sometimes.

What has happened over the few weeks involves: me catching a chest infection, a colleague handing in her resignation letter and a round of interviews conducted by yours truly. Which is why you probably haven’t seen me in awhile. Now something’s gotta give and I’m going back in to step on my pile of work. Just like crushing recycling cans. It doesn’t go away, but at least if I make it smaller, it’ll be more manageable.

I finally mustered up the courage to talk to my boss about having keys to the office. As some of you know, I started about 7 months ago. Now work (or I) finally dictates that I should have a spare too. Weekend work it is for me. Luckily I don’t have kids or a spouse/significant other (actually, why would that even matter? If I was attached, they probably wouldn’t care) or things might get messy.

As for my colleague? Sure, I can understand why my colleagues, manager and boss were irked when that happened. But I can also understand why she’s leaving. In her current role, she’ll always be someone in the background. And as wonderful as it is to get a quiet thanks, volume does have a lot of impact. Hopefully she’ll find happiness in her new role and hopefully we’ll find happiness (or at least competence) in someone else.


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