Mindlessness Mindfulness

Because real cities are made to be colored in.
Real cities are made to be colored in.

Because my vocabulary appears to be shrinking and my creativity waning, I’ve decided to take a stand.

I’m going to play adult for just a little while.

Like.. omigod… where do I even start? Umm…uh…like you know…I don’t get it.

I’ll be filling in the blanks with my coloring pencils and felt tips I’ve accumulated during my stationery craze days. I’ve been doing some writing offline and my ideas just seem so absurd. Ludicrous, even. And I’m supposed to be the queen of nonsensical poetry.

It also feels like my personality’s been watered down. I definitely was a lot more passionate about everything back then. Now my thoughts are marred by specks of nihilism. by My teenaged self would be so mad right now. But then again, she’d also be distracted by the pretty colors on the coloring book.


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