Seeing Through The Rain

Image credit: Petr Kratochvil
Image credit: Petr Kratochvil

Sometimes people take things for granted.

Scrap that, we often take things for granted.

For this world to exist there’s got to be light to dark, good to evil and so on. They just can’t exist without another. If we wiped the dark from the world, we would only see light. And by default, this would also be the new darkness.

Take all the beauty in the world – pretty girls, handsome men, flowers, hand-sculpted masterpieces. Now if we were all physically beautiful, then by default we would all be ugly too. We’d all be average too. I don’t know about you, but living in a place where there is absolutely no diversity would actually be quite absurd. Plain, to be exact. The same argument holds for those against interracial relationships.

To keep one’s race ‘pure’ is just really an idea stemming from fear. Hearing second-hand stories of how interracial kids are bullied more would instil a bit of that in you. But here’s the thing, anyone that is different and stands out is going to be picked on. Anyone who is from a minority group would have most likely experienced bullying growing up, being called things like chink, kike and other mean things. Is it nice? No. But does that mean that they shouldn’t have children? Obviously not.

Being different is what makes you, well, different.

And some of these kids grow up to be very successful adults, like Barack Obama. And seeing that your background is not exactly something you choose to have, these kids are not in the wrong. So why is society treating them like dirt? Why don’t people want to have mixed children? The kids don’t need to change anything. Neither do their parents. What needs to change is people’s attitudes, because it is something that they can control.

And if you believe in the whole evolution theory thing, we’re all black too.

I understand that these people may want to protect their children-to-be, but having any child is a risk. There are so many things that kids can make fun of, not pertaining to race. To be honest, the thing these people should worry about the most is whether their children are born healthy. Even that in itself is an amazing feat.

Now back to you beautiful people. So if you do happen to be blessed with good looks, then remember to thank your more homely friends of the world. Regardless of whether you want to admit it or not, they reinforce people’s perceptions of your beauty.

That being said, if you are not considered physically attractive by modern standards, you should remember that the perception of beauty has changed many times over the years. And you should also take note that perceptions of beauty vary greatly depending on the society you live in. But most of all, it’s actually okay to be a little plain or physically unattractive. After all, you define beauty as much as the next pretty face.

And let’s not forget that old song, Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall.

But what comes after rain? Rainbows. And although they can be explained by science, the purpose is something that can’t. To me, it’s just a beautiful reminder of things to come. I got caught in a sunshower while walking and after being a little irked by it, I saw a very large rainbow. Yesterday, I was lucky enough to see two rainbows – a large arch parallel to a smaller one.

I couldn’t help but smile.


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