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I can see why some people call credit cards the devil’s advocate now. I’m totally overspent this month and unintentionally too. That’s the price we pay for credit and convenience. Just whip out your piece of plastic and don’t have to think about things for another month. Then boom. Pay this now or choose to pay $10 and build yourself a nice house of debt.

No thanks.

I didn’t really sign up for consumer debt. I’m doing absolutely no one any favors by getting myself into debt. Especially high interest debt.

Even the most well-intentioned person can get off track simply by seeing something that makes their. Remember when I stuck to cash for pretty much everything? Those were the days. Cumbersome change may be, but that’s the whole point. Fumbling around with small loose coins really makes you think, is it worth it?

With more power comes greater responsibility. With more money comes greater spending. Sometimes things were a lot easier when I didn’t have a lot of money. Things that were totally out of my reach, I wouldn’t think twice about. Now there are so many things just within my reach and there’s a piece of plastic just lying there. It’s too easy to just say yes.

I’m especially bad when it comes to online spending. Click, click and click. Done. It also doesn’t help when you’re particularly good at remembering numerical sequences, so a card iceblock is totally out of the question.

Now economics is based heavily on theory. “If we assume that humans are rational beings— wait, no we can’t!” said one of my former statistics lecturers. And that’s the truth. No matter how rational anyone is, there will be something they have a weakness for— be it cosmetics, the newest game or even just puppies. Yes, puppies.

So in order to counteract the whole overspending bit, it means some scrimping and saving must be done for the next month. I overspent on my next month’s personal allowance as well and that’s bad. I’ve never really done that before. Obviously I’ve never been given a few extra grand as a credit limit increase, either. So you can see the psychology at work: you can now buy the things you’ve always wanted. Now I didn’t go buying a jet plane or anything like that, but things have a way of stacking up. It also only takes one big purchase to blow up your balance.

But I suppose the only way to progress from here is admit that I overspent and to leave my card at home. I know I said I was going to treat plastic like cash, but they’re clearly different. It would probably be best if I just went back to the basics – cold, hard cash.

Yeoowch. Credit card burn.


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