You Will Never Be Me

And I will never be you. Please do not compare yourself to me, or anyone for that matter. It is true that in this world, we are always constantly comparing ourselves to others – is she prettier than me? Could I ever be someone like that? I wish I was as rich as that guy. A lot of the time, it’s necessary for commercial competition, but in terms of personal success, there is simply no reason to.

Because you will never be me.

Well, actually there is one person that you should compare yourself to and it isn’t some deity or some celebrity. It is you. It only makes sense to gauge your current failures and successes with those of your past. That’s not to say you can’t learn from others – but you will never own their personal stories.

Yes, I am Asian. I am female. I struggled as an unemployed graduate. But I’m not representative of every other Asian female who has struggled with being an unemployed graduate. Nor am I trying to be. I’m just one person.

Regardless of how well you write and what critics say, you will never be the Harper Lee or even Stephen King. You could get plastic surgery to look like your favorite popstar, but you did not live through their tears, laughter and fears. In the graphic novel, Battle Angel Alita, the female protagonist sees to restoring her friend, but comes to learn that it is futile since she is no longer the friend that she once knew without her memories.

So what if that guy earns a million dollars a year and you earn $30k? You were never that guy. And everything is relative. Remember you were a broke college student a few months ago? I’d say you were doing quite well for yourself.

Being caught up in someone else’s web is something that impedes personal growth. So how are you doing?


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