The Same Ol’ New Year

I didn’t properly wish any of you through an authentic blog post so here it is: Happy New Year! And though the Earth has revolved around the Sun for another 365 days or so, some things still haven’t changed.

I certainly haven’t upgraded my dumbphone for a smartphone (apparently flip phones are now coming back into fashion, though mine is unfortunately a candybar *sniffle*). I still use the same notebook computer (and these things really should not go on your lap) that I bought some five years ago. I still use the iPod that my friends gave me in high school, even though I bought the touchscreen model for other purposes a couple of years back.

I’m not planning on upgrading any of these devices unless they die, get lost or stolen. And even then, I might not upgrade them at all, to be honest.

And you know what? That’s perfectly okay with me.

As for my flesh-and-bone friends, I haven’t traded them in for newer models. I’m still stuck with the same old group that I met a decade back in elementary, middle and high school.

Would I like more youthful, fashionista friends who are social network mavericks? Not really.

Though possibly more pleasing to the eye with super tech-savvy minds, they serve no purpose to me. What I want is reliability. I like them because they do what they need to do (though not always necessarily what I want them to do). I want friends that stick by me through hard and thin. It’s all very fun to hang out, party, and laugh, but what matters is you’re with me when I’m down too. I am not an easy person to handle at times.

It’s quite startling that they haven’t cut off contact with me and we all meet up every now and again. They are truly loyal friends. I am extremely grateful to have met this bunch of quirky individuals. They’re probably not all going to be the ‘next big thing’, but like I said, that is okay with me.

The same goes for my readers. I thank each and every one of you that took to following me and reading my work, commenting and allowing me to read some of yours. I’m immensely grateful to Jason – quite possibly the most opinionated man that ever existed, the self-reflecting Vernon, the wayfaring mother Diana, blueinsomniak and the Oddity Writer, Daniel – who inspired this post and all of them for choosing to stick around even when I had almost no content here.

And last, but not least: to my family, well it’s not like you really had a choice to be related to me, though I’m glad you are. As for my younger sibling, we are both perfectly aware that we have the capability to annoy each other to wits end. We don’t always see eye-to-eye. This is probably true for everyone else in this whole family, yet I’d feel incredibly lonely without all of you. In other words, I look forward to having you hog the couch again when you’re back home.

I don’t know how all of you managed to put up with me – friends, family and readers alike. But I’m looking forward to spending another rollercoaster ride with you.


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