Why I Never Like Your Comments

I just can’t find myself to like them. I am sorry. And no, my ‘Like’ button isn’t broken, unlike this guy we all follow. Your comments mean more to me than just a click of a little star and the word ‘Like’.  But that doesn’t mean that I don’t like your likes. I just feel that you, as my readers deserve more than a simple ‘Yeah, I like that.’ The truth is I’m delighted when anyone has something insightful to say about my posts, whether it be my stories, my life lessons or rants. I’m happy that you ‘liked’ my posts and found them worth reading.

But sadly, I can’t bring myself to like, like your comments, you know? It’s like, I’d be doing you short. But I read them all. Your opinions always stir something up inside of me- so much that I  have to respond. I can’t just leave them unanswered. Perhaps, I am old-fashioned. I always respond to a handwritten letter or note, even if it takes a much longer time.

What I learnt from my teenaged youth was the word ‘like’ is an overly-used crutch word (so-called because we lean on it like we have a broken leg) but it doesn’t serve any real purpose. I actually remember a short, skinny, nerdy kid with short brown hair who was justifying the use of the crutch word ‘like’. Um, like no. He was as annoying as they come. Freckled, bespectacled and with a high whiny voice. He used to tag along with a couple of my friends whenever we walked to the train station after school.

“Because the word ‘like’ wouldn’t make sense if we replaced it. Okay, let’s replace it with ‘as’.

Needless to say, it was a very annoying trek to the train station that afternoon. He just wouldn’t stop. It also didn’t make sense to replace the word ‘like’ with ‘as’; maybe ‘as if’ but not ‘as’. Pfft. As if he knew what he was talking about. You see? It works, but only in certain situations.

But my dear readers, it goes without saying: I like you all. Just without the little blue star.


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