Poetry Jam: Sir Riddley

Good morning Sir Riddley, how do you do?

Just hang on a minute, I’ll get you some stew.

So how do you find it? Too thick or too salty?

It’s perfectly fine— are you sure Sir Riddley?

Yes— yes but— no buts, my dear man!

Please have some more, we made a whole pan!

It’s absolutely lovely to have you here,

I have so much excitement; it’s so much to bear!

Now let me get you something to drink!

Will it be whisky, brandy— I’ll make it quick!

A cup of tea would be nice but— no.

Now worry not my good man, we have it prepared

Along with some cakes, bread and jam.

Look, here comes the maid with the tray in her hands.

But honestly, we’re happy to run these errands!

Sir Riddley, do try this biscuit.

It’s so scrumptious; you don’t want to miss it!

Now what is the matter on your mind, dear old Riddley?

I’ve spoken too much, now it’s your time to please me!

My dear old chap, thanks for this supper.

But there is something I’ve been meaning to cover,

And that is to say, I am not Sir Riddley,

I am but his butler, Mister Spiffy.


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