Poetry Jam: Questions of the Night

Is that a monster beneath my bed?

The one with red eyes and a green ugly head?

Is that a boogieman behind my brown door?

No, it’s just my stuffed friend, Kenny the boar.


Is that a mannequin talking out there?

Nope, that’s just an old man with wind in his hair.

How about that thing underneath?

Is it a monster with glowing white teeth?


Now comes a knock and a twist of the door.

Who could it be?

Does it know how to roar?


The blankets are high, right over my head.

Heart beating fast, I might soon be dead.


The door swings open, I scream out in fright,

“Why do you come in the dead of the night?”

“It’s me, dear boy. There is no monster, all right?”

And that is your cue to tuck me in tight.



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