No more pills, please.

I refuse to take your pills.

I don’t want any more of your big-name pharmaceuticals inside my body. I do not want your tablets, your supplements and your drugs.

For the first time in six months, I have been completely free off antibiotic pills, and I plan to keep in that way. I’ve ended up with a Beau’s line along my left thumbnail after my surgery to remove chronically inflamed scar tissue, but that’s okay. I just don’t want any more pills.

My mother was actually friends with a lab researcher who told her some twenty years ago, “Don’t take too many of those multivitamin tablets. They’ll damage your liver.”

I don’t even want your pseudo-doctors prescribing me ideologies of intolerance wrapped up in red pills, blue pills or even purple pills. I wouldn’t even take it if it was a multi-colored rainbow pill. There is no such thing as an instant cure.

Someone said to punch Morpheus in the face and refuse to take his pills. I would simply say, “No, thank you,” slide my chair back and leave. This world does not exist in binary. There is no quick, easy fix.

Why? All simply because I refuse to take candy from a stranger.


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