Sorry I’m not a real twit.

I don't get it it.

I’m pulling out. I just cut the cord on Twitter.

Now it’s not that I don’t think that Twitter has its uses; I just find that I don’t use it. I’m not used to describing things in a 160 character limit, although I started operating a text-capable cellphone at 11.

I don’t even use Facebook.

For me, it’s a way of simplification. Get rid of the things you don’t need or use in your life. I’m not calling the rest of you who do use Twitter twits. There are twits everywhere: some who use Twitter, some who don’t. The point is: I don’t see the point in it. I hate updates, I don’t actually enjoy taking part in micro-blogging and that is not how I got the bulk of my readers to follow me.

Sure, I did find a handful of followers on Twitter but I know from my stats that everyone who has followed so far has been on WordPress.

But my dear readers should rest assured, I have not forgotten about you. It’s actually a lot better for the both of us, because now I’m going to do a few things:

  • reblog your great posts,
  • not annoy you with my soulless jibber jabber and,
  • write more.

Also, I found some pretty creepy stats that someone from New Zealand had clicked through almost all my posts. Now this is just a hunch, but I’m thinking I know you. Personally, I’m quite cautious when it comes to spilling personal details, but I don’t envy having my identity stolen. I’m sure my name is pretty generic and there are at least 5 people with my name around the world, but there is only one me.

And to all the bloggers who may be wondering about some weird clicks from New Zealand, that is most likely me. A question I might get is: why did you blog about American politics? You’re not even American. As far as I’m concerned, unemployment isn’t just an American issue, particularly unemployment among the recently educated. Likewise, access to basic healthcare is a worldwide problem for many.

But anyway, I’m glad that’s over and done with. I’ve got some writing to do.


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